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Salvis AG Cookware for Commercial Kitchens

Safety and efficiency are major considerations in busy commercial kitchens and a priority for the Salvis AG product range, which provides quality induction cooking systems.

Salvis AG Cookware Saves Energy and Reduces Bills

Save energy and reduce your fuel bills by using the outstanding, innovative Salvis AG equipment in your kitchen. The cookware enables you to take advantage of the decades of experience and tradition behind the innovative technical solutions, designed to give you outstanding results in your kitchen.

Achieve High Performance Catering Results Efficiently and Safely

Obtain high performance cooking results, using a cooking system that enables you to be energy efficient. Salvis products are practical and ecologically smart, using state of the art designs to achieve great results from thermal cooking technology. Discover the benefits of using Salvis AG products, which have been designed to make professional catering and hospitality more efficient and safer, whether you are cooking a la carte or for large numbers of set menu diners. To find out more about how Salvis AG products will save you time and money call our team now to discuss your requirements and find a solution.